Saturday, January 1, 2011

Mick and Musie visit with Kat Holmes

Musie pours hot water into one carafe and coffee into the other while Mick piles a plate with pastries and cookies.

Mick: There luv, all set up for our first guest. Delilah was so scattered yesterday I forgot who was coming today.

Muse *smiling at him*: Kat Holmes. She's a friend and also had a release yesterday. Remind me to ask her about it.

Mick: What if I remember?

Musie: That works. *knock sounds on the door* She's here!

Mick opens the door: Hello. You must be Kat. I'm Mick and the flighty brunette is Musie.

Kat: Pleased to meet you both. Thanks for having me today and Happy New Year.

Mick *leads you to a table*: Happy New Year to you as well. Would you care for coffee or tea? Help yourself to the sweets as well.

Kat: Tea thanks. Mmm I love cookies.

Musie: Congratulations on your release yesterday. I know Delilah was thrilled to share yesterday with all her friends at MuseitUp Publishing. *Giggles* And I'll tell you every muse in Imaginaria is wishing you success. A publishing house named after us is a big deal around here.

Kat: Yes. You must have poked at Lea Schizas in her sleep to get her think of the name for her publishing house.:-)

Mick: What is your release The Lighthouse about?

Kat: It’s a romantic mystery that takes place on a little island off the coast of Maine called Star Island. The island itself is completely fictional. I made it up because it fit my story. Rachel Westmont inherits a lighthouse from her recently deceased aunt. It comes at a very opportune moment for Rachel who is newly divorced and eager to start her life over again.

But upon arriving, odd things begin happening. Books fly off shelves, cold chills fill the room and someone even breaks into her home. Rachel overlooks these things thanks largely to the attentions of handsome local sheriff Craig Lewis. But when someone attempts to kill her, she is forced to look more closely at her aunt’s death. Was it an accident like everyone thinks…or something more sinister? And is her aunt truly haunting her?

Musie: Ooh sounds good. Where did you ever get the idea? What's your muse like?

Kat: I have always been fascinated by lighthouses ever since I was a child. They have a rich history steeped in romance, mystery and murder. So, when I decided to write a story about a lighthouse, the idea of a romance mixed with a murder mystery and ghostly hauntings just seemed perfect. The idea for the story itself came about Christmas of 2009. I was putting out Christmas decorations and my mother gave me these little statuettes of lighthouses decked out for the holidays. One look and the idea came to me.

As for my MuseJ…she’s a demanding mistress. Many a time she will wake me in the middle of the night with an idea or dreams about where to go with a story and I’ll have no choice. I have to get up then and there and write it. But she helps me make my stories so much better. Some of the best scenes I’ve ever written came to me in the form of dreams.

Mick: One question at a time luv. Forgive her she has the muse equivalent of ADHD.

Kat: LOL

Musie: I know Delilah and I did two covers for you. When does your next book release?

Kat: Frozen releases April 2011 and I am so excited. It’s the first in a series and the cover is amazing. It’s so stark and haunting. The series itself is called Artica Lights and if you look closely at the cover, you’ll see the lights hidden within the snowfall. I’m starting book 2 in the series as we speak. Oh, and you and Delilah have done 3 covers for me thus far. Don’t forget Working Under Covers with Aphrodite on it. That one is the first in another series called Gods At Work and comes out in June of 2011.

Musie: How could I forget that one? Secret, I'd actually gotten Delilah to buy those images months before we got the cover form.

Mick: If you don't mind answering a few questions about writing. What do you like most?

Kat: I love seeing a story come to life on the page. Characters that I create take on a life of their own and I feel like I know them as well as family.

Mick: And least?

Kat: Writing the dreaded synopsis. No fun.

Musie: That's what Delilah says too. How much time do you spend with your muse? Oh I mean writing?

Kat: LOL I’m attached at the hip so to speak with my Muse. But when I’m working on a book I do a chapter every day. I prefer to work in the mornings when I’m fresh. I’ll have breakfast then work until I’m done. I edit that chapter the next day before writing the next chapter.

Mick: One last question before you have to go. Where can folks find you on the web?

Kat: Well I am several places. My books can be found at
My website is
My blog is
And I have a blogtalk radio show at

Musie: Forgive the male muse. *laughs at the glare Mick gives her* Do you have an excerpt for The Lighthouse?

Kat: Absolutely. Here’s a brief excerpt. Hope you like it.

Rachel was approaching a rather steep turn in the road that would take her down to Main Street when she heard a car behind her revving its engine. Looking in her rearview mirror, Rachel got a brief glimpse of a dark SUV just as it rammed into her bumper.

Rachel frantically tried to hold the wheel steady as she screamed and hit the brakes. The car behind her sped up again and rammed her bumper even harder. Rachel was heading for the edge of the cliff. Turning her wheel hard to the right, the car slid and turned.

Rachel put all of her weight onto the brake pedal as she tried to stop her momentum. The car smashed into the metal railing by the driver’s side door and Rachel heard metal scraping upon metal. Fortunately for Rachel, the railing held as the SUV drove off without stopping.

Rachel just sat there shaking, her heart thundering and tears running down her face. She didn’t know how much time passed. She didn’t really care. Rachel felt nauseous. Someone had just tried to kill her. Oh she could pass the first hit off as an accident, especially had the driver stopped and gotten out to check on her afterwards. But the driver had proceeded to hit her a second time and then speed off.

Musie: That sounds so interesting! Thank you for coming. We really enjoyed it and hope you stop by again.

Kat: Thank you so much. I had a lot of fun.

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