Monday, October 26, 2009

November = NaNo

So what is NaNo? National Novel Writing In A Month! Where writers from around the world try to write 50,000 words in 30 days. This will be my third year doing it and hopefully I'll complete the 50k this year.

The muse is resting getting prepared for the 1667 daily word count. I've got the prep work mostly done - just need to put the info on post it notes so I can put them up on the corkboard and figure out a couple more minor details so I can be off and typing on the 1st of November.

This year I'm doing something I've never done - a Romantic Suspense with a Paranormal twist. The Blurb:

Detective Adam Spencer is puzzled by a series of murders and the mysterious woman that keeps appearing at the scene. Something about her is familiar but he's not certain what.

Lena has been the Angel of Death since the beginning of time. Drawn to the murders she breaks the rules and allows the handsome Detective to see her.

When he becomes a target of the killer, how far will Death go to keep him safe?

and a cover mockup!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


I've been busy since my last post. Helping the husband get his paperwork together to go back to College, then deciding that's not a bad idea and rushing to do mine. Waiting on a response on my last submission - 9 weeks and nothing yet... to be fair they did say 8 to 12 weeks. Finally I've been trying to learn a new program.

Of course in 2 weeks I'll have to put aside learning the program to concentrate on NaNo. NaNo is National Novel Writing in a Month. It happens every November and writers from around the world try to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. I've done it two years - won once. But the year I didn't make it - I wasn't thrilled with my story idea. This year I am! I'm going to spend the next 2 weeks brainstorming and researching so I'm ready to go on November 1st.

And top it all off with November 2nd being the release date of Black Velvet from Lyrical Press!

November should be a good but busy month!