Sunday, September 26, 2010

Meet a sexy Ghost

Today I'm turning the blog over to Devlin Ruark the hero of Ghostly Passions.

Good day. As the lovely author said I am Devlin Ruark and proud of what has happened since my death.

There are advantages to being a ghost. Aye, I've seen things I ne'er dreamed possible. The rise of technology, like this internet. Tis truly a marvel to know instantly what friends in distant cities, even across the vastness of the oceans are thinking or doing. The freedoms enjoyed by all. And most of all I have enjoyed the changes in women's fashions.

Aye, for a man still young it is a true pleasure to see the young lasses visit the beaches. First in dresses down to their ankles then move to what they wear now. Mere bits of fabric and lace that barely cover their bodies.

Which brings me to the disadvantages. While I would love to follow them along the beach I am trapped in my home. Ne'er to step a transparent foot past the threshold. For 230 years it has been so. But if that were the only disadvantage I would be happy. Nay, and forgive me dear ladies for speaking of something that should be private in your presence, the worst of it is to be unable to feel any sensation in the part of me that makes me a man. Aye, tis my deepest shame that in being a ghost I have become unable to rise to any occassion.

But enough about my sm.. deficency. There is another difficulty in being a ghost. The damned Paranormal Researchers as they call themselves. Always trying to prove I am here or worst yet drive me from my home! I'll not stand for it. If the God Almighty saw fit to leave me here until he comes again then no man or woman will part me from my home.

That is part of the problem, there is a new one coming here soon. Heard her speaking to the upstart that thinks he owns my property. I did not see this woman, but she did have a pleasing voice. She will be here in June. I wish the lovely author who told our tale would tell me what to expect.

"Not on your ghostly life!"

See? Not a word. I fear what is coming. She has titled my story Ghostly Passions so that must be good - correct?

Saturday, September 18, 2010

New Cover!

I have to take a minute to show off my beautiful cover for my June 1st Release from MuseitHot Publishing. Isn't it Gorgeous!

Devlin Ruark has been trapped in the same house for 230 years. He's faced a British hangman, numerous paranormal researchers, but he doesn't know what to do with the newest researcher.

Determined to prove that ghost do exist, Druscilla Hutchinson has returned to the house where she saw her first ghost. With the Electromagnetic Particle Scanner she developed she hopes to give a ghost a more substantial form.

When the EMP Scanner produces an unusual side effect, Devlin and Druscilla have to decide whether to talk or take advantage of the situation.

I have to admit I love this sexy brash hero and logical heroine. I hope you readers do to. I'll have excerpts later.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Be the Captain of your publishing career

I've learned a lot since I signed my first contract. Mostly it's you have to take the good with the bad. Oh, you get angry and may even swear - I do. But it's part of the process. But here are some of the lessons I've learned.

1. Never take one person's word for how a publisher is. They speak only from their experiences. I've heard horrible things about a publisher - only to find them a true delight to work with. I've heard excellent things about a publisher - only to find them a nightmare.

2. Trust your gut or if female your woman's intuition. It will rarely steer you wrong.

3. If you do sign with a publisher and aren't happy - try another one. Publishing books is like finding the perfect resturaunt. Your friend might love resturaunt A - but you have had bad experiences and prefer resturaunt B. Example - my husband loves McDonald's and we have one that we go to all the time. Not that there is anything wrong with anyother McDonald's in town - but we've developed sight recognition with the staff and feel more comfortable there... well at least until there latest remodel and there are no comfortable booths...

4. If you are happy with your publisher - don't expect everyone else to love it.

Bottom line - it is your writing career. You are the captain of that boat - do not give over control to any single publisher, editor or individual. And another cliche that I've learned to appreciate - don't put all your eggs in one basket. Cause if the basket breaks - you have one heck of a mess to clean up.