Friday, December 31, 2010

A happy new year

Musie stood as her author walked into the cafe and met me halfway.

Delilah: Happy New Years, Musie. Where's that handsome male muse of mine?

Musie *laughs*: Oh he'll be here in a second. I wanted to say hi first.

Delilah: Well I gotta say you look better at full size rather than the 2 inch terror marching on my chest you usually are.

Musie *looks sheepish*: Thanks and I'm not sorry. Look what we accomplished this year!

Delilah: Nodding: Yep, we sure did. Almost 100 book covers for MuseitUp Publishing and a release today!

Musie: Yeah, and you were worried that Devlin wouldn't talk.

Delilah: He talks a little too much. Like this new gal you stuck me with. I can't get her to shut up, and she won't move.

Musie *shrugs*: I'm working on her.

Mick *walking in*: Hello Delilah! *Gives her a quick kiss on the cheek.* So how's our boy Devlin doing?

Delilah *giving Mick a glare*: You know I won't know for a few days. But I've spread the word far and wide. Okay guys - over the next month a lot of Muse author's are going to visit and you two are going to interview them.

Musie: Oh dear! I have to get coffee, tea, umm..

Mick: Sit down, luv before you run into yourself.

Delilah: LOL! You two are good for each other. *leans over and whispers to Mick* Think this summer we can finish My Lady Death? I think it's a little too structured for Musie and you have experience with suspense stories.

Musie *stomping foot*: I heard that! *crosses arms over her chest and pouts* But you're right I'm no good at those types. Give me hot, dirty, and short and I'm your girl.

Delilah *putting her arms around both her muses's shoulders*: 2011 is going to be a great year. Right? No flitting off on some tangent or leaving me high and dry halfway through a story or with a stack of cover art forms?

Musie: I'll try.

Sexy Heroes of 2010

All from Romance Novels I've read - some I fudged on - they didn't have a book release BUT they appeared in a book released in 2010. I've added some to what I put up on Twitter.

Hero #15 Logan MacRoy from Angela Knight's Master of Fire published by Berkley Sensations

A hero with a destiny he's not quite ready to accept meets a heroine determined to protect him but no fall for him. That never works! The son of King Arthur and Gwenivere he's a handsome sexy man with a ton of honor. Doesn't hurt that he's a vampire too.

Hero#14 Drew Kincaid from Nalini Singh's Play for Passion published by Berkley

Drew is a werewolf that fits outside the pack structure - he's their tracker, meaning he brings roque's to justice. When he falls in with Indigo, a Lt in the pack, she has problems dealing with him being as strong or stronger than she is. Drew's romance of Indigo and his pain at one point thinking he's lost Indigo had my heart aching for him.

Hero #13 Carlos Panterra from Eat, Prey, Love by Kerrilyn Sparks published by Avon

Carlos was first introduced in All I Want For Christmas is a Vampire and I liked the Werepanther from the moment he walked on the page. Sassy, funny and a bit dangerous - YUM! When he falls in love with the one woman he shouldn't, her father hates anything not human, and human it's a heartbreak. He could make her a were-panther with a bite - but he's afraid she won't live through the transformation.

Hero #12 Spade, Baron Charles DeMortimer, First Drop of Crimson by Jeaniene Frost published by Avon

Spade has a couple things going for him - sexy and vampire top the list. He's willing to do anything even lie to his best friends to keep his heroine safe. The only reason he's not higher is he's a little too sweet to break my top 10 - maybe next year.

Hero #11 Curran from the Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews Published by Ace

I just met Curran in a 4 day must read everything in this series marathon. A Were-lion and the head of all Shapeshifters in Ilona Andrews' world. He's majorly hot, teases Kate unmercifully until they finally work things out. He'll probably move up once I know him better.

Hero #10 Hunter Fitzsimon from Defeat the Darkness by Alexis Morgan Published by Pocket Star

Here's a hero I first met and new only as PJ Guy. He ran into a battle with a sword, bare feet, bare chested and a pair of flannel PJ bottoms. Then he was severly tortured and killed - good thing Paladins come back from that. Dealing with PTSD he's sent to guard a tiny stretch of the barrier from the bad guys. A tortured hero who'll die to protect his girl - and he does - yeah that's a hero.

Hero #9 Travis Caine from Black Jack by Lora Leigh Published by St. Martin Press

An agent who everyone thinks is dead. Now he plays fast and loose with the rules to get and keep his girl. Sexy too. Black Leather, Motorcycle, guns... yeah.

Hero #8 Mencheres from Eternal Kiss of Darkness by Jeaniene Frost Published by Avon

Mencheres first showed up in One Foot In The Grave, he was interesting but a little stuffy for my taste. Even apperances in later Night Huntress books didn't change my mind. BUT his book - yeah that moved him up to the top 10. Under that stuffy, closed off demeanor is a man who is absolutely 100% convinced that no one can love him. Respect yes. Love no. That gives him a vulnerability I wasn't expecting. As a 4000+ vampire he's POWERFUL but he's willing to die until his heroine shows up. And a man who will do dark forbidden magic to save his girl? Yeah he moves up a few notches.

Hero #7 Gordon Nathaniel Pierce from Black Magic Sanction by Kim Harrison published by Eos

Pierce first showed up in White Witch Black Curse and I really liked him. Then he became pretty major in Black Magic Sanction willing to do whatever it took to protect Rachel - even though she does have some issues with him. But come on he came back from being a ghost for several hundred years - even if he does need to join the times on women, he isn't afraid of doing a little dark magic if it is needed.

Hero # 6 - Wraith from the Deomnica Series by Larissa Ione published by Forever

Wraith is a Seminus demon and part vampire. He's got a wicked sense of humor, sharp as a tact wit and if you want to find something you call him. His transformation from self indulgent playboy to hero is a wonderful arc.

Hero #5 Rafael from Night's Darkest Embrace by Jeaniene Frost in the Haunted by Your Touch Anthology published by Pocket Star

Okay I like Rafael as a half fallen - yes that means Mom was a fallen angel and Dad was something else - he's a very interesting character, but I've come to expect no less from Jeaniene Frost heroes. He eats full demons, has black wings that for some reason make him even sexier.

Hero #4 Greyhill Danby from Dark Warrior Untamed by Alexis Morgan published by Pocket Star

Grey is a man who grew up in the alleys of London then learned to mix with society. He's a master at dirty street fighting and can be quite terrifying. But even with his belief in eye for an eye justice he is a protector, a fighter and a man willing to give his life for those under his protection. His grief when he thought his heroine had died was heart breaking.

Hero #3 Tony Giodone from The Sazi Series by C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp published by Tor

Another fudge - he didn't have a release in 2010 his book was in 2009 but he was in a book released in 2010. Tony has to be my favorite werewolf. An ex-mob hitman, that even one of his friends describes as doing the job because it controls his antisocial tendencies, and turned were-wolf, a three day wolf as he calls himself. He's gritty, a little bad, a little good and has a smart mouth. "Hi I'm Tony and I'll be your assassin today" still laugh when I think of that line.

Hero #2 Judd Lauren from the Psy Changeling series by Nalini Singh published by Berkley Sensations

A psy who has the ability to burst someone's heart just by thinking about it and is constantly causing his mate to redecorate - better to destroy furniture than her, right? His coldness is chilling but he's definitely a hero to love.

Hero #1 Bones from One For The Money by Jeaniene Frost in the Death's Excellent Vacation Anthology published by Ace

Now Bones is usually seen in the Night Huntress novels where he is the resident hero and definitely deserves the title hero. A 200+ ex prostitute, ex vampire hitman turned co-ruler of a huge line. But so devoted to his Kitten. Oh he makes huge mistakes sometimes and that make him all the more worthy of being the top on this list of sexy heroes.

Honorable Mentions:

Zach from Under Fire by Jo Davis
Ian from Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost
Vlad from Night Huntress series by Jeaniene Frost
Barak from The Paladin series by Alexis Morgan
DJ from the Paladin series by Alexis Morgan

So who are your top sexy heroes? I'd like to meet them.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

What present can I give?

Now I'm not a fan of Christmas. There's just too much craziness and disreguard of the fellow man by most in the rush to buy into the retailers demands that we buy everyone we care about a present. But - while I hate the demands of retailers and the attitudes of shoppers, there are some things I do like.

This year I found the perfect card for my best buddy Antonia Tiranth (Tir). It said "Hope you don't mind but I'm regifting you this year" on the outside and "My friendship" on the inside. There are just some relationships that there isn't a gift in any shop that there is something that tells the person how special they really are to you. Tir and I met 7 years ago online and didn't meet in real life until May of this year. We've been writing buddies all that time, in fact got our first contracts 2 days apart. Co-wrote a book together. And January 1st we'll have solo releases from the same publisher on the same day. I'll never find a material gift that adequately expresses my appreciation of our friendship. How do you find one that says - thanks for pushing me to write better, for listening to me when I'm in a bitchy mood, for getting mad at someone who is not treating me right, thanks for being there when I need you? Hmm? Can you think of one cause I sure can't.

Then there are friends that you've known a while but just became friends with. What do I get Lea Schizas for believing in me enough to offer me the Art Director position at MuseitUp Publishing? Or Alexis Morgan who sent me the most precious gift of a hand written note that says "I'm so proud of your success"? Or Bonnie Edwards who congratulates me on each new contract and kicks me in the butt to keep reaching for the stars?

Then there are the new friends you just met? All the authors at MuseitUp publishing who were there when I needed them? The folks at who allow me to hide in one of my favorite worlds? The ladies at DJ's blog that encourage me, laugh with me, and cry with me when I need that?

See - there are things I can't buy something that says how much I appreciate those friendships. Even if there was my meager budget wouldn't allow for it. But there is one thing I can give that gives every day of the year - my friendship. With it comes a person to laugh with, a shoulder to cry on and an ear that will listen to all their secrets and never breathe a word of them.

So that is the Christmas present I give to all my friends my friendship. To my readers I give the best books I can write. To my editors I give my cooperation on edits. And not a one of those things cost a penny but their worth is incalculable

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Excerpt and recipe

First the excerpt:

From Ghostly Passions which will be available January 1st from MuseitHot Publishing (Click the title to be notified when it's available:

Dru lay still hoping whomever she was draped over wouldn’t realize she was awake. Her hopes were dashed with the sound of a low masculine chuckle.

“I know you’re awake, lass.”

She sat up and looked at the owner of the voice, recognizing him immediately.

Devlin Ruark.

The artist had not come close to doing him justice. Whoever had drawn him definitely captured the smirk but not the rakish arch of dark brows over the greenest eyes she’d ever seen. His hair was not black as she’d thought but a deep chestnut brown. Wide shoulders tapered to a muscular torso, down to six-pack abs where a line of dark hair trailed below the sheet covering his hips.

A smile curved her lips. If this was a dream she wasn’t wasting it being her usual cautious self. No, she’d be daring, take what she wanted from this dream and the man in it. Dru arched her back in a way that made the sheet slip down to reveal her breast. If the raised eyebrow and flaring of his nostrils were any indication, Devlin Ruark was definitely interested.

“What if I don’t want to talk?” she asked as she rolled to face him. He swallowed hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing and his eyes growing dark. “This is my dream and I don’t want to spend it talking.”

He opened his mouth, and then closed it to clear his throat. “I’ve always found talking to be unnecessary in certain situations. What did you have in mind, lass?”

And an easy recipe that makes a great snack Christmas morning.

Sausage biscuits


1 lb sausage

1 cup cheese (I personally prefer sharp chedder in them)

Mix bisquick according to package.

Add sausage and cheese mixing well.

Roll into bite size balls and bake according to Bisquick box.

These are good cold or hot

Thursday, December 9, 2010

There's always something

About a release date. The exitement, the worry no one will buy it, the thrill of that first review. Yeah I'm feeling all of that even with the stress I'm under this weekend. But January 1, 2011 looks to be a really great day. Or at least I hope so.

Why great? Well it's the release date for my newest release - Ghostly Passions from MuseitHot Publishing. I fell in love with Devlin Ruark when he first screamed “Release me, wench!” I didn't even know his name at that point. Then decided to name him after two of my favorite romance heroes.

The other reason it's great is it will be the first time my release date for a solo written book will coincide with my writing buddy Antonia Tiranth's release from the sister house MuseitUp Publishing of her Kellan's Dragons.

But it gets even better! I'm also releasing with other friends - Kat Holmes has a release that day from MuseitHot - The Lighthouse. From the lovely Emily Pikkasso -The Oak King's Daughter - which I won my first ever cover award for. Then there's Ginger Simpson, Frank Scully, Patricia Harrington, and Heather Haven's releases that day. All from the same house and wonderful authors that trusted me with their covers!

See it's really going to be a great day! So January 1st check out the releases and pick up one or two or all of them.

And though she hates it - Thanks Lea Schizas for letting Tir (Antonia Tiranth) and I share this first.

Saturday, December 4, 2010


I often think about this but today found out about a friend of a friend who is wondering what to do about a contract that was changed. Won't give details as they aren't mine to give.

But it got me to thinking NY Publishing NAME, Small Press or ePublishing. Now I love Lyrical Press and MuseitUp Publishing and am extremely happy there. But like all authors I dream of seeing my book on the shelves at the book store. Walking into a bookstore and maybe seeing people picking up my book and showing it to their companion going "You have to read this!"

Now I can't fool myself into believing that I'll be the next J.K. Rowling, John Grisham, and all those other authors that we know the name of. And if I'm completely honest I don't want to be. Don't get me wrong the money would be nice... VERY nice. But I would rather have devoted readers that want my books.

I try to think what would I consider a fair advance from a publisher. $1,000? $3,000? $5,000? What if they offered one and then halved it? Would I still be willing to go forward just for the chance to be on the bookshelf? Truthfully I don't know - I've never been in that situation.

Even hearing bad things from friends of friends - I won't let go of my dream. I may never make it BUT if I don't reach for the stars I might as well turn off my computer and not even try.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Where stories come from #2

So I posted about this once, but thought I'd revisit the topic = since everyone always asks a writer "Where did your idea come from?"

Characters are the most interesting in where they come from.

Take Jett Houston from "Black Velvet" - I was helping my buddy Antonia Tiranth work out a problem with her Rikashi series, she needed twelve characters and only had eleven when up popped this foul mouthed, attitude ridden, alpha in the extreme, sexy Texan. I knew everything about him - his past, why he had the attitude, his Grams... Course he wouldn't go work with Tir, so we ended up cowriting his book.

There's Devlin Ruark from my upcoming Ghostly Passions - Another of those full blown here I am tell my story now men. But I love them.

But my favorite has to be Mel, who is actually named Melody. A biker chick who is the daughter of a muse and a human. She first started peeking out at me when I was listening to Carrie Underwoods "Before He Cheats" a little shy but that's because whenever she sings what she sings about happens. She's a minor character in a series Antonia Tiranth and I are working on... may get her own book soon as she and Rafe decide to open their mouths.

Then there are those lovely creatures. Jayne Crantz has a species in her books "Dust Bunnies" they look like dust bunnies but are incredibly fast and have wicked sharp teeth.

While outside with my husband a bit a go I started sneezing. We always say "A sneezelweazel ran up my nose." when that happens - we've said it hundreds of times but today I started sneezing and told hubby that and suddenly I started wanting to create a world that HAS sneezelweazels.. we'll see what the brain comes up with.

Sometimes a song brings up a story too. Right now thanks to Glee the muse has found "Forget You" and she's insisting there's a story there. She'll find it too if I give her enough time.