Thursday, December 9, 2010

There's always something

About a release date. The exitement, the worry no one will buy it, the thrill of that first review. Yeah I'm feeling all of that even with the stress I'm under this weekend. But January 1, 2011 looks to be a really great day. Or at least I hope so.

Why great? Well it's the release date for my newest release - Ghostly Passions from MuseitHot Publishing. I fell in love with Devlin Ruark when he first screamed “Release me, wench!” I didn't even know his name at that point. Then decided to name him after two of my favorite romance heroes.

The other reason it's great is it will be the first time my release date for a solo written book will coincide with my writing buddy Antonia Tiranth's release from the sister house MuseitUp Publishing of her Kellan's Dragons.

But it gets even better! I'm also releasing with other friends - Kat Holmes has a release that day from MuseitHot - The Lighthouse. From the lovely Emily Pikkasso -The Oak King's Daughter - which I won my first ever cover award for. Then there's Ginger Simpson, Frank Scully, Patricia Harrington, and Heather Haven's releases that day. All from the same house and wonderful authors that trusted me with their covers!

See it's really going to be a great day! So January 1st check out the releases and pick up one or two or all of them.

And though she hates it - Thanks Lea Schizas for letting Tir (Antonia Tiranth) and I share this first.


  1. Like the rest of the releases I am also looking forward to January's new books only because there are, once again, some terrific storytellers I am eager to share with readers.

    Each January release is so different from the next book that it's going to be an amazing month of reading. Congrats to everyone.

  2. Congratulations Delilah - I love the name Devlin Ruark. January 1st marks a wonderful new year for quite a few Muser's - in fact, the best new year ever. Here's to us and New beginnings - here's to you! Wishing you many, many more successes.
    Kay Dee