Friday, December 31, 2010

A happy new year

Musie stood as her author walked into the cafe and met me halfway.

Delilah: Happy New Years, Musie. Where's that handsome male muse of mine?

Musie *laughs*: Oh he'll be here in a second. I wanted to say hi first.

Delilah: Well I gotta say you look better at full size rather than the 2 inch terror marching on my chest you usually are.

Musie *looks sheepish*: Thanks and I'm not sorry. Look what we accomplished this year!

Delilah: Nodding: Yep, we sure did. Almost 100 book covers for MuseitUp Publishing and a release today!

Musie: Yeah, and you were worried that Devlin wouldn't talk.

Delilah: He talks a little too much. Like this new gal you stuck me with. I can't get her to shut up, and she won't move.

Musie *shrugs*: I'm working on her.

Mick *walking in*: Hello Delilah! *Gives her a quick kiss on the cheek.* So how's our boy Devlin doing?

Delilah *giving Mick a glare*: You know I won't know for a few days. But I've spread the word far and wide. Okay guys - over the next month a lot of Muse author's are going to visit and you two are going to interview them.

Musie: Oh dear! I have to get coffee, tea, umm..

Mick: Sit down, luv before you run into yourself.

Delilah: LOL! You two are good for each other. *leans over and whispers to Mick* Think this summer we can finish My Lady Death? I think it's a little too structured for Musie and you have experience with suspense stories.

Musie *stomping foot*: I heard that! *crosses arms over her chest and pouts* But you're right I'm no good at those types. Give me hot, dirty, and short and I'm your girl.

Delilah *putting her arms around both her muses's shoulders*: 2011 is going to be a great year. Right? No flitting off on some tangent or leaving me high and dry halfway through a story or with a stack of cover art forms?

Musie: I'll try.

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