Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Where stories come from #2

So I posted about this once, but thought I'd revisit the topic = since everyone always asks a writer "Where did your idea come from?"

Characters are the most interesting in where they come from.

Take Jett Houston from "Black Velvet" - I was helping my buddy Antonia Tiranth work out a problem with her Rikashi series, she needed twelve characters and only had eleven when up popped this foul mouthed, attitude ridden, alpha in the extreme, sexy Texan. I knew everything about him - his past, why he had the attitude, his Grams... Course he wouldn't go work with Tir, so we ended up cowriting his book.

There's Devlin Ruark from my upcoming Ghostly Passions - Another of those full blown here I am tell my story now men. But I love them.

But my favorite has to be Mel, who is actually named Melody. A biker chick who is the daughter of a muse and a human. She first started peeking out at me when I was listening to Carrie Underwoods "Before He Cheats" a little shy but that's because whenever she sings what she sings about happens. She's a minor character in a series Antonia Tiranth and I are working on... may get her own book soon as she and Rafe decide to open their mouths.

Then there are those lovely creatures. Jayne Crantz has a species in her books "Dust Bunnies" they look like dust bunnies but are incredibly fast and have wicked sharp teeth.

While outside with my husband a bit a go I started sneezing. We always say "A sneezelweazel ran up my nose." when that happens - we've said it hundreds of times but today I started sneezing and told hubby that and suddenly I started wanting to create a world that HAS sneezelweazels.. we'll see what the brain comes up with.

Sometimes a song brings up a story too. Right now thanks to Glee the muse has found "Forget You" and she's insisting there's a story there. She'll find it too if I give her enough time.

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  1. Don't you just love it when characters speak to you, when they bust your chops to get out of your head and into their own worlds?

    Damn but it's good being a writer. We can be anyone or anything we want and escape the asylum attendees. :)