Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Excerpt and recipe

First the excerpt:

From Ghostly Passions which will be available January 1st from MuseitHot Publishing (Click the title to be notified when it's available:

Dru lay still hoping whomever she was draped over wouldn’t realize she was awake. Her hopes were dashed with the sound of a low masculine chuckle.

“I know you’re awake, lass.”

She sat up and looked at the owner of the voice, recognizing him immediately.

Devlin Ruark.

The artist had not come close to doing him justice. Whoever had drawn him definitely captured the smirk but not the rakish arch of dark brows over the greenest eyes she’d ever seen. His hair was not black as she’d thought but a deep chestnut brown. Wide shoulders tapered to a muscular torso, down to six-pack abs where a line of dark hair trailed below the sheet covering his hips.

A smile curved her lips. If this was a dream she wasn’t wasting it being her usual cautious self. No, she’d be daring, take what she wanted from this dream and the man in it. Dru arched her back in a way that made the sheet slip down to reveal her breast. If the raised eyebrow and flaring of his nostrils were any indication, Devlin Ruark was definitely interested.

“What if I don’t want to talk?” she asked as she rolled to face him. He swallowed hard, his Adam’s apple bobbing and his eyes growing dark. “This is my dream and I don’t want to spend it talking.”

He opened his mouth, and then closed it to clear his throat. “I’ve always found talking to be unnecessary in certain situations. What did you have in mind, lass?”

And an easy recipe that makes a great snack Christmas morning.

Sausage biscuits


1 lb sausage

1 cup cheese (I personally prefer sharp chedder in them)

Mix bisquick according to package.

Add sausage and cheese mixing well.

Roll into bite size balls and bake according to Bisquick box.

These are good cold or hot

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