Friday, March 12, 2010

Interesting Coincident

Thanks to watching "Who Do You Think You Are", that new genealogy tv show on NBC, I decided to try and see what I could find out about my Dad's family. As I was going back I found that I have a Great Grandmother named Sara.

That in and of itself isn't what made me go wow - what did was the fact my Great Grandfather was her second husband. Her first husband died in the Civil War. So, now you're going ok why are you writing a post about that?

My first published book was Sarah's Story - Time Displacement Corps Book 1. Sarah went back and was living in South Alabama prior to the Civil War. My Great Grandmother was in South Alabama during that time as well. Opposite side of the state but there.

When I wrote the book I had no idea about Great Grandmother Sara. Just a strange coincidence.