Sunday, January 30, 2011

Six Sentence Sunday

This is from the start of Witchly Passion - which is kind of a sequel to Ghostly Passion. So enjoy.

Though she loved Dru like a sister, her Paranormal Investigator best friend could not give directions to save her life. Kara chuckled as she remembered the time that the two of them had gotten lost looking for a specific Mickey D’s where Dru’s latest crush worked. It wasn’t like both of them hadn’t grown up in that city and should know where it was and Kara had known. But, Dru had insisted they take a shortcut that the boy had told her about. By the time they had found the place, he’d been gone for an hour. With another girl. Kara always wondered if the slime bucket had given Dru the directions on purpose knowing her lack of direction.

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