Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Musie & Mick visit with Antonia Tiranth

Musie set the cake on the table in the center of the room. Mick looks over her and smiles.

Mick: You may be a wonderful muse, luv, But a baker you are not.

Musie: *glaring at him* It's Shirak and Antonia Tiranth coming over! Do you know how long it's been since I've seen Shirak?

Mick: *scratches chin* At least a year.

Knock at door.

Musie: They're here! *runs to open door and then hugs Shirak* I've missed you!

Mick: Come on in Tir. Those two will be chattering away for a while.

Tir rolls her eyes. "I don't really blame them. It has been way too long. I smell cake!"

Mick: Yeah, Musie is still flying high that she and Shirak had a release the same day. Coffee or Tea? *lowers voice* Try to say something nice about the cake, Musie did try.

Musie: I heard that you fake Aussie.

Mick: *smirking* Aye, but ya love me.

Tir : Tea, if you please. If you think Musie is riding high, you should see a dragon when he's excited. I have a few pillows that'll never be the same.

Shir looks scandalized. "I only burnt one pillow, thank you very much. Why did we let her in again?"

Tir: "Oh, hush you purple hippo. Now, where were we Mick?"

Mick: *trying to keep a straight face as he brews the tea.* So why don't you tell us what's been keeping you and Shir from visiting?

Musie: *cuts cake, three slices and one giant one. Hands largest slice to Shirak.* Yeah, I mean so many worlds we need to write and you are busy and Del is doing covers and going to back to school.

Tir opens her mouth to respond, but Shir interrupts. "Well, Tir recently changed evil day jobs so I don't get to visit her at work so much anymore. Then she decided to go and get some crazy certification." Pauses to take a bite of cake. His eyes widen. "Musie! This is delicious!"

Tir: "What he's trying to say is that the evil day job has taken over temporarily. But! I think that might be changing soon."

Mick: Haven't I heard some rumor of you becoming an editor?

Tir - Yep. I'm an editor for both Lyrical Press and Muse It Up. I'm loving it. Shir gets to wear a different hat.

Shir snorts. "Girl has zero fashion sense."

Tir - Moving on....

Mick: Good on you!

Musie: Good! Okay dragon buddy, spill on this new release? What's it about?

Shir : Well, it combines a lot of elements Tir really loves...namely moi and psionics. That's kind of like a mish mash of psychic ability and telekinetic. It's about a girl being drafted into this program where she is bonded to a dragon.

Musie: *snort* Dragons should have figured.

Mick: Told you the story idea division would listen if you went and talked to them, Shir. So, Tir once the evil Day Job - thank God the only evil Day Job Del has is college, and even then Musie gets to play - gives you some freedom what's are you going to do next, writing wise that is?

Tir - Solo writing I think I'm going to work on the next story in The Dragon Wars. With Del...well there are so many to pick from! But we've got one that's been wanting attention for awhile now. Something with an Egyptian mythos plus sci-fi space odyssey feel to it.

Musie: Well show me an excerpt!

I stood by the lakeside, a light breeze making the hem of my night dress ripple. The moon rode full and high in the sky, bathing everything in her ghostly glow. I didn't remember Jericho bringing me here. I felt him approaching and turned to face him. The moonlight made him look even more magnificent than he did in the day, gleaming off his scales, his eyes glowing slightly in the dim light. He stopped and white light began to emanate around him, shimmering, growing brighter, until I had to shield my eyes with my arm or be blinded. When I looked back, the dragon was gone, replaced by a man.

He wore only a pair of loose fitting pants, his chest bare. His shoulders were broad, his stomach toned and rippling with muscles. His arms looked as if he could crush a rock to gravel. His hair was close cropped and sandy blond. He was magnificent. The man started walking again, stopping in front of me. I had to tilt my head slightly to look him in his stormy grey eyes. His lips were turned down slightly, his brow furrowed with…anger? No, I felt none of that from him, only worry. “Jericho?”

He raised one hand, touching my cheek gently. I tilted my head, leaning into the touch. “I don't hate you,” he whispered. “I hate that I have to lose you.”

He stepped closer, lowering his head—

I sat up with a jolt, gasping. What in the hell kind of dream was that? I looked over at the other bed. It was empty. Miri and Enoch were still out on their mission. I lay back down and closed my eyes again, but I was too agitated by the dream to sleep. “Jericho?”

No response. He was either asleep or ignoring me as usual. I sat up again, putting my feet to the cool stone floor. I expanded my senses and felt a guard outside my door. Taking a chance, I went and opened it enough to stick my head out. "Drake?" I whispered.

The guard turned to look at me and smiled. "Shouldn‘t you be asleep?"

Sighing with relief, I stepped out into the hall. I leaned against the wall, folding my arms. It was a bit chilly out here. "I couldn‘t sleep. How can you stand here all night?"

He shrugged. "You get used to it. Why can‘t you sleep?"

It was my turn to shrug. I didn‘t feel right telling him about the dream in detail. "Weird dreams. Must have been something I ate," I lied.

"Maybe you‘re feeling guilty for breaking Dr. Hutchins‘ window," Drake said, grinning broadly. "What did she do?"

I did feel a little bad about breaking the window. Not for breaking the window, but for losing control again. I hadn‘t lost it like that in a long time. "She accused me of not accepting Jericho."

"And how are things going on that front?"

I lowered my head, my dark hair falling forward to hide my face. "I really don‘t know where I stand with him and..."

He put a finger under my chin, forcing me to meet his gaze. "And?"

I tried to look away, but I couldn‘t. Something in his grey eyes captured me. "And it hurts," I admitted.

Drake brushed my hair back, his fingers trailing across my cheeks, sending a shiver up my spine. "He‘s a fool," Drake whispered.

"Why?" I asked, my mouth suddenly dry.

His hands framed my face, holding me in place. "Because, you‘re a beautiful and strong woman. He should cherish you as his partner."

"But I‘m not his precious Kendall," I replied bitterly, wrapping my hands around Drake‘s wrists, trying to pull away.

He only held on more firmly. "No, you aren‘t. You‘re twice what she was."

I thought briefly about pushing him away with a psionic blast but why? "I think I should go back to bed now," I managed to say.

Drake smiled, pressing a kiss to my forehead. "Yes, you should." He let go of me and returned to his rigid stance against the wall.

I stood there a moment longer and then went back into my room, leaning against the door while I caught my breath. After a minute, I returned to bed, smiling. It felt nice to be appreciated. It didn‘t take long before I slept again.

Musie: OOH That's good, Shir! You too Tir.

Tir blushes : Thanks. I can hardly believe I wrote it sometimes!

Shir snorts : Believe it, girl. Pass some more of that cake, Musie my dear

Mick: Stop flirting with my girl dragon or I'm going to pull out the BBQ and have Dragon steak for dinner.

Musie *smacking Mick*: You know we don't feel that way about each other. But, I do love your being jealous.

Mick *Thrust the rest of the cake at Shir*: Tir pleasure to see you, but in the best interest of your muse's health I think we need to wind this up. So tell everyone where they can find you on the web.

Tir: *shoving a sputtering Shir toward the door* Well, I've got my recently redesigned website, courtesy of my awesome buddy over there. www.antoniatiranth.com and my blog www.antoniatiranth.blogspot.com. There's also facebook and twitter.

Shir : Would you stop pushing! Yeesh. Mick, you promised me beers next weekend!

Tir : Bye guys! Love you all.

Mick *waving*: I'll buy you beer but Musie won't be there.

Musie *stomping her foot after Mick closes the door*: You know I have books to write with him, right?

Mick: Yes, luv, and I'll handle my jealousy while you're writing together, somehow. I promise.

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