Thursday, January 6, 2011

Musie and Mick Interview Roseanne Dowell

Musie flits around the cafe making certain everything is set up.

Mick *sitting at one of the tables*: Luv, come sit down and relax.

Musie: Oh you don't understand! This is one of Delilah's writer friends that's coming and I don't want to embarrass our author.

Mick: You won't besides she's here. *stands* Hello, you must be

Roseanne Dowell, I'm Mick and this flighty woman is Musie. Would you like some coffee or tea?

Roseanne: It' s so nice to meet both of you. I'd love some coffee, thank you.

*Mick motions one of the waitstaff, who brings coffee to the table.*

Musie: I've never met another writer before, most of us muses are limited to visiting only one author. So, I guess I should ask what's your muse like?

Roseanne: Hmmm - most of the time pushy, loud and sometimes if I ignore her, obnoxious. But, if I pay attention to her, she's quite pleasant and cooperative.

Mick: Do you and your muse ever argue? Delilah and Musie argue all the time, because Musie keeps changing things. How do you resolve the problems?

Roseanne: Sometimes we argue, but I learned a long time ago to just listen to her and do as she suggests.

Musie: I noticed over at the MuseitUp Blog you really gave that Bonella a run for her money. Are you usually like that or did she just bring it out in you? Like the Grinch did for Delialh?

Roseanne: LOL Actually, I'm usually pretty quiet. She brought out the worst in me when she attacked Lea and then it just took off from there.

Mick: If you wouldn't mind answering a couple questions about writing in general. What do you like most about writing?

Roseanne: Not at all. I love talking about writing. What I love most is the creativity it allows. Not to mention it allows me to live in a fantasy - happy ever after world.

Mick: And what do you like least?

Roseanne: When I have an idea and can't sit down and write - like when we're shopping or riding in a car. I've lost so many scenes that way.

Musie: Are you one of those authors that plots everything out or do you just write to see where the story goes?

Roseanne: I just write. I tried (on the advice from a speaker at our chapter of RWA) to write a synopsis first and to plot out the story. I'll never do it again. I'm still trying to get past the writer's block. I couldn't write a thing on that story for a whole year. Usually I know the beginning and end and what happens in the middle is as much a suprise to me as it is to the reader.

Mick: If you had to give a person who wanted to be writer one piece of advice what would it be?

Roseanne: Learn everything they could about showing a story and not telling it and write everyday even if it's only for 15 minutes. I know that's two things, but they're both important

Musie: Now for the fun stuff!

Mick: I did warn you she was flighty.

Musie *punches Mick in the arm*: Watch it or you're sleeping on the couch! So, Roseanne, tell me all about your latest book?

Roseanne: Double the Trouble is about - Kate Wesley coming back to Twinsburg Ohio after a five year absence. Not interested in a relationship after being jilted five years previously, she’s now pursued by her two men, the man who jilted her and a man with twin daughters. When she visits her aunt’s grave, she discovers a body and more complications arise, especially when the twin sister of the victim shows up.

Musie: Ooh that sound so interesting. What did you think of the cover the first time you saw it?

Mick: Vain little minx aren't you, luv.

Musie: Oh hush and let her answer.

Roseanne: I love the cover. Of course we had to do a couple to get to this one. I obviously didn't convey the story well enough and we had to scrap two beautiful covers, but they didn't show the story.

Mick: Would you like to share a small excerpt or the blurb?

Roseanne: Yes, thank you

Where’s Emma?” The tall, blond, muscular man yelled, before Kate had a chance to ask if she could help him.

Kate didn’t like his tone or the deep scowl that caused his eyebrows to almost meet above his icy blue eyes. “Excuse me.” Who did he think he was stomping in here like this? She took a step toward him.

“Emma’s supposed to be at the church for rehearsal. And don’t tell me she’s not here, her car’s in the parking lot. Why is she hiding out? Does she have cold feet?”

Kate pushed a strand of hair behind her ears, took a deep breath and counted to ten. She couldn’t lash out. This was a potential customer, although at that moment, with his attitude, she didn’t want to sell him anything, but no use riling him up more than he was.

“I’m sorry, Mr...” Kate paused to let him fill in the blank. Surely this wasn’t Emma’s fiancĂ©. He didn’t act anything like the way Emma described Doug Johnson.

The man didn’t answer, just glared at her.

Something about him struck her. Attractive, self-assured. Something else. Something tugged at her heart. A feeling she hadn’t felt in a long time. She ignored it.

Okay, that went nowhere. “Emma left almost...” Kate looked at her watch, “well over an hour ago. But she left her car keys.” Kate took the keys from the desk drawer and held them out to him, but quickly drew them back.

She didn’t know who he was, and his attitude left a lot to be desired. She wasn’t about to give the keys to a complete stranger. Besides, how did she know if Emma’s car was really in the parking lot? “Excuse me, Mr...” This time Kate refused to continue until he told her who he was.

He glared at her for a minute. “What do you mean she left? Her car’s still in the lot. And why do you have her keys?” He reached out to grab them but Kate put her hand behind her back..

He stared at her

Kate shrugged. No way was she giving this man more information. Gripping the keys tighter,she folded her arms across her chest and stared back at him, matching him glare for glare.

Did he think he was the only one who could stare? How dare he come into her shop and accuse her of hiding Emma? That’s just plain ridiculous.

The stranger took a deep breath. Obviously he realized anger and yelling weren’t getting him anywhere. Not that Kate cared much what he thought. She wasn’t saying another word until he told her who he was. She could stare just as long as him. She’d learned stubbornness a long time ago.

He spread his hands out in front of him, sort of an ‘I surrender’ mode. His eyes softened to a dusty blue. He blew out a breath.

“Okay, I’m sorry. Let’s start over, shall we? I’m Mark Westfield, Emma’s brother.” He extended his hand to her, but Kate ignored it. “She’s supposed to be at church for rehearsal and hasn’t shown up. I’ve retraced her steps, and no one has seen her. I saw her car in your lot.” He put his hand down at his side.

“This may sound like a strange request, Mr. Westfield, but may I see some identification?”


He looked at her as if she asked him to undress. “Yes, ID. I don’t know you from Adam, how do I know you’re telling me the truth?”

“Fair enough.” His lips moved just enough to hint at a smile.

He took out his wallet and handed her his driver’s license.

Kate stared from him to the license. Not bad looking, same fair coloring as Emma. Mark Westfield – 37. Just a few years older than me. Now what made her think that? She shrugged off the thought.

Mick: Thank you for coming, I've enjoyed meeting you. Perhaps we can do this again?

Musie: Oh yes, I'd like that too!

Roseanne: I enjoyed meeting both of you too and I'd love to do it again. How about with my next book, Stranger on the Shore, due out in May, 2011. Double the Trouble is available March 1, 2011 from Muse It Up Publishing

Musie: I'll definitely remind Delilah about that. Mick and I would love to have you back.


  1. HEHEHE Poor Roseanne, see Bonella did a number on her. But Mick and Musie are really cute and thoroughly enjoyed their interview with Roseanne.

  2. Great interview, great interviewers and interviewee...I usually know the beginning and the end too before I begin writing. I like to know where I begin and where I am going. Best wishes!