Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's Tuesday

And next week I'm back in classes. Looking forward to the classes. Not looking forward to the getting up at 6 AM! But such is life as a college student.

I'm going to start trying something today. 2 for Tuesday. Meaning I'll post 2 paragraphs from a published book of mine OR from a work in progress (WIP). Hopefully it will catch on, but you never know. So here's my 2 for Tuesday from my WIP. From the bad guy:

Light clicked on in the windowless room, the scrape of a chair against cement echoed off the cement walls. Sliding into the chair he fingered the lock of brown hair trimmed from the woman’s hair. Kristin Morgan. Hope. The fourth on his list. Long fingers unscrewed the cap from the bottle of India ink that held the requisite amount of his blood. Carefully he dipped the nib into it then tapped the excess while pulling the note from its protective sleeve. He made certain his hands were steady before bringing the pen over the precious list. The scrape of pen against paper sounded loud in the barely lit room as he scratched through it. He sighed feeling complete.

The police had assigned their best to the case. It would make the challenge better. Make him more worthy to receive the power that waited once he completed his tasks.


  1. Enoy your classes.
    I loved the 2 for Tuesday idea. And I loved the two paragraphs. I'm enthralled. Which book are they from. Very intriquing.

  2. This is a neat idea, Delilah.

    Enjoy your classes.