Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Two For Tuesday

Today I'm featuring The Envoy - my July release from Lyrical Press. (okay it's technically 3 but the last two are only a sentence each)

As Diana’s footsteps faded, Francisco examined the three males in front of him. Long
suppressed training instinctively took over far more easily than he was comfortable with. Their
attire of baggy hoodies and low riding pants could hide a multitude of weapons. The confident
swagger each thug exhibited as they moved to surround him indicated they didn’t think him a threat. He easily picked out the leader by the not so subtle hand signals the man was giving his companions and stepped toward him. Mentally, he quickly identified the three as Boss, Righty and Lefty.

“You shouldn’t have interfered, man,” Boss growled. “Now we’re gonna have ta mess you

Francisco spread his arms, elbows slightly bent and palms up. “You are welcome to try.”

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