Thursday, June 4, 2009

Tools of the trade

I've talked about the research library that is manditory for a writer. Today I want to talk about the tools of the trade.

In the past that was paper, pen and a typewriter. Now - it's a computer with a word processor. Some still use the paper and pen then transfer to the computer. But, years ago I figured out that my brain works faster than I could longhand the words. I'd miss sentences. Computers help - now I miss words.

I have two computers. A desktop that is right now in need of reformatting to fix some annoying slowness and errors. I also have a 17inch Laptop which goes on trips with me - in fact I named it Portable Sanity.

I thought I was set. But those damn computer manufacturers came out with something new! A NetBook. A tiny little 10inch laptop that has a tiny harddrive and is under 2 pounds. Now being a techno geek - I'm really interested in them. As a writer that is often in doctor's offices multiply that interest by a factor of ten.

Why? They are small, light and can easily hold a wordprocessing program - with a flash card (which I have) I can work on a book anywhere. They are under $400.00 which is a huge plus. The downside? Convincing the husband I need a third computer.

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  1. If I could justify it to the DH, this is the one I would buy:

    Because for me it's all about the battery life and keyboard.

    Now, if I were still handwriting things, I'd get an AlphaSmart. But that's another story ;)