Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sarah's Story News

Sarah's Story released on May 21st. That day I was guest blogging on four different blogs, bitting my nails about how the book would do and dealing with no sleep.

Nothing has ever made me as nervous or excited as my very first release date. It was something I'd dreamed about for years and that day it became a reality! But the day wasn't over yet. At 5PM Sarah's Story made the Red Rose Best Sellers List! Where it has risen and fallen for the past week. Sometimes it was off the list, but most of the time Sarah's Story stayed on it. It is also the number 1 Time Travel Romance at Red Rose Publishing!

While all of that is fantastic and I'm supremely honored by the response it's getting - I'm not done yet. There are other stories that need to be written and my desire to see Sarah's Story in print.

Why do I want print? It's not that I think print is better than ebook. I have most of my favorite author's books in bothe print and ebook. It's that I want to hold it in my hand, maybe that will make this incredible journey finally feel real. Maybe it won't.

Maybe everyday for the rest of my I will wake up and rush to the Red Rose Publishing site and look to see my book listed there to prove it isn't a dream.

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  1. A well-deserved spot on their list, D, and I know what you mean about holding it in your hand so hang in there. And in the meantime, WRITE! :P ;)