Friday, June 12, 2009

Classes don't end at College

So, you want to be a writer and you've built a reference library and bought the tools of the trade. Now you want to try writing a novel. Congratulations! But, before you start typing how well do you know your subject? Your characters? If you are showing (which is good) or telling (very bad)? How do you learn that stuff anyway?

You take classes. Yup, you take classes. There are a couple of ways to take writing classes. At Conferences or Online. I prefer the online classes. Why? Travel is hard for me and an online class brings the lessons right to my email. I can save them and print them out to refer back to over and over again. In person classes, I'm sure, give handouts... but I've never attended one.

What kind of classes are available? Good question! Here are a couple I've taken:

From Mild to Wild: Creating Sex Scenes that are more than the same old bump and grind
Deep Point of View
Writing the Action Heroine: What a kick ass character knows and the writer should
Writing Action Sequences
Writing from the Male POV and Creating Better Heroes

So where do you find these courses?
Carolina Romance Writers
Kiss of Death
Low Country RWA -

Those are the groups I've taken courses through. Learning doesn't stop when you pick up your diploma - make yourself a better writer take some classes. Some are really good, some are ok and some aren't. But reguardless of how good the course is - you'll learn something in every one of them.

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