Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Still Romantic After 21 years.

I was watching - well actually listening to the morning news programs this morning. One of the guest said romance goes out of a marriage after a few years. WRONG! It does if you let it. I'm glad my husband hasn't.

Oh he's not the roses, chocolate and candlelight type. But, he can be romantic. Take for example the other day. We were in line at Subway, I was wearing a tank top and he started kissing my shoulder. My shoulder had been hurting and he said he was "kissing it and making it better."

He knows me too. We were at a jewelry store to have a ring his mother left me sized, she had tiny fingers. The clerk noticed I had no rings on and told hubby he should buy me a diamond. He smiled, looked at me and told the clerk "No, I'll get her some computer stuff. She'll enjoy that more." I'm not a jewelry person, don't even wear a wedding ring. I'm married in my head, heart and soul - I don't require a ring to prove it. On the other hand computer stuff? Oooh Baby!

So, don't allow what the mass media says is romantic to color your view of it. Romance is the little things that tell you that you are important to your significant other.

Tomorrow Amber Leigh Williams will be visiting!


  1. That is so true! Today is my 20th anniversary...and I love those little signs of love that we show each other. It is so nice to hear of others who enjoy the simple things in marriage. :-)

  2. Happy Anniversary Debra! Loved the blog today Del and I am sooooo with you on the computer stuff! It would be heaven if he walked in the door with computer stuff in hand! Way to keep the romance going!


  3. Happy Anniversary! Wow, 20 years...my longest relationship was 8 months. *sigh*

    That's very sweet. It's wonderful when the man in your life knows you well enough to NOT buy generic gifts but something specific for you. My dad's the same way, for years I thought he should buy my mom roses, cause it was Valentine's Day or whatever, but he never did. Duh! She's allergic! (I was young, what can I say?) But he did buy her flowers for her garden, which worked out just fine for them.

  4. I love this blog post! True romance is the gift of love, not the gift of items.

    My sweetheart says, "Flowers die. How does that symbolize love?"

    He surprised me with a jump drive and wireless adapter for my laptop to help me reach my writing goals, my own set of dice to DM the boys D&D game, silly things that make me smile and at the most random times too.

    But the best part is when he looks at me with THAT look. The look that says "I could stare at you forever and your beauty will never fade." And no matter how horrible I may feel that day, that look makes everything better.

    If that's not what romance is, I don't want it!