Saturday, June 20, 2009

RWA and ePublishers

There's been a lot of debate online about the Romance Writers Association and ePublishers. I usually try to keep this blog upbeat, I don't think I'm going to manage it today.

at the Espan Blog RWA President Diane Pershing said:

Here’s another pair of glasses: The newer members, not yet PRO, but working on their craft and trying to learn all they can about the industry. And how about the unpublished-but-working-on-it PRO members who have chosen not to go the digital route and keep submitting to print publishers, as they feel that is their best chance of earning good money? Lastly, there are PAN members who have been print-published recently or for years, who like their “advance-paying/lower royalty rate” choice, who look at the business model of “no advance/high royalty rate,” and have trouble understanding why anyone would gamble that way with a book that took so much time and effort.

By her statement Ms. Pershing has implied that those of us who choose the digital publishing route or the no advance/high royalty rate are not serious about their writing career. Thank you Ms. Pershing for saying I don't take writing seriously. Apparently thirty years of working on my craft, reading everything I can get my hands on to improve my craft, and the time and money I've invested on writing classes - I'm not serious. Funny, I thought I was.

You, Ms. Pershing, have belittled not just me but hundreds of others that have chosen the ebook route. You have belittled Angela Knight, Lora Leigh, Christine Warren, Anya Bast and other authors who started in the ePublishing world. Ladies that I respect, admire and use as a standard for myself.

It is not the RWA's place to set monetary standards that every author must follow. There should be a single standard for all publishers. Most professional organization require a set number of years in the business and recommendations of other members that have already joined.

Ms. Pershing, I am extremely serious about my writing career. I have chosen the ePublishing no advance/high royalty route because that fits my financial needs at this time. I have a goal of eventually being contracted with one of the NY Big Boys - but as in all things, I need time to grow. Grow a fanbase that will buy the books. Please do not imply that I or my publisher aren't serious because we do not fit in your box. Maybe we prefer to think and create outside of yours.

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