Saturday, September 24, 2011

Date Night

Tonight was Date night for hubby and me.

We started at Carrabba's for dinner. Not only is it our favorite place, we've gotten to know the owner and manager, which makes each meal seem like going over to a friends for dinner. We got our favorite appetizer - Crab Cakes. Now I live on the Gulf Coast and every decent resturaunt in town has them - but Carrabba's has the BEST! Then we tried the Salmon for the first time. A nice and really light meal.

Then we went to the bookstore and I got three books to read - which hubby knows makes me smile.

We ended the Date Night going to the University of South Alabama Drama Department's play I Hate Hamlet. All the performances were great! But three stood out. Gray West as Gary Peter Lefkowitz, was wonderful. Your suppossed to hate his character and 1 minute on stage and I hated him! I completely believed him in the part, he played the smarmy, money hungry, hollywood director perfectly. The there was Jean Galloway as Lillian Troy. Now Ms. Galloway is not a college student but she has taught theater at the University of Mobile and was in the movies Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Back Roads, so I expected her performance to be good - but it was stellar. She shouldn't be wasting her time in this town, but in Hollywood playing sassy grandmothers! Finally was Andrew Willis as John Barrymore. He really commanded the stage with a quiet Presence, that made you look away from the main action just to see what he was doing. The best seen was when Ms. Galloway and Mr. Willis were on the stage, just the two of them. I leaned over to hubby when the scene was finished and actually used the word incandescent.

So how was your Saturday night?

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  1. I LOVE Carrabba's crab cakes and often have them as my main course with a salad and roll. Wonderful. The only place I've found that I like them better is Mitchell's, but they're definitely main course sized and come with all sorts of extras.

    We do date night on Fridays. Usually though, it's just Poole's which has the top rated hamburger in the state. And it's like heaven in a bun.

    Sounds like you had a great time!