Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Anniversary Trip

And it wasn't our wedding anniversary! Nope, DH and I got married in June - but he proposed on Columbus Day Weekend. Yeah, that's next weekend, but I was on Spring Break from college.

Hubby booked a room at our favorite Biloxi Casino - Beau Rivage (Okay so he'd gotten a free night offer but he did upgrade it to a suite! We arrived around 4:30 went up to the room, relaxed, showered and got dressed for dinner. I'm looking in the vanity mirror then turned to hubby and said "Does this outfit need a necklace?" Now anyone that knows me - knows I'm not a jewelry person - but I do like the occasional necklace. He agreed and said why don't we go down to one of the shops and get you one. I'm thinking Yeah, I should be able to find something acceptable at the Everything $10 shop. We hop onto the elevator and ride down. My DH walks into the jewelry shop and says get what you want. So I'm looking finally find a Blue Topaz necklace that's very nice BUT it's (to me) a generic pendant on a chain - ie. It doesn't scream DEL! I'm trying it on when another necklace catches my eye - and it does a River Song "Hello, Sweetie" thing in my head. (Yes I'm a Doctor Who fan).

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL!!!

After I squeed, smiled, kissed and thanked DH - we went to dinner at Jia's. I had tuna sushi for an appetizer - YUMMY best sushi I've ever had. We were at the Hibachi - I had filet and shirmp. Okay I had a filet at the steakhouse BR Prime and it was excellent - but this hibachi filet was like BUTTER! After dinner we spent some time at the tables - didn't win anything, but if you can't afford to lose it don't go. As we told the dinners at the table with us - this was my "Thanks for saying yes 24 years ago" present. I think he did GREAT!

Speaking of River Song - I haven't introduced Congocoons Riversong of Jaguarcoons. So here she is giving her opinion on having her picture taken.

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