Sunday, June 12, 2011

Why I switched to ebooks.

There's a lot of chatter about "I prefer real books" just look at Amazon's new commercials for their Kindle. I have an old Sony eReader it's not color, doesn't have wi-fi but works perfect for me. Still I hear the old saw about "real books".

On my trusty Sony there are 42 books by authors like J.R. Ward, Alexis Morgan, Ilona Andrews, Lora Leigh, Jennifer Estep, CT Adams and Cathy Clamp, Joss Ware, Angela Knight, Lewis Carol, Kerrelyn Sparks, Nalini Singh to name some. Last I checked the all wrote "Real books".

Before I made the switch I read print books, cause that was all there was. So, I figured hmm two of those books I know are only in Hard Cover and 40 of them in paperback. So I pulled an equal number from my overcrowded bookshelves.

I couldn't carry all those in my purse. But I sure can carry my eReader. I don't have to hunt down bookmarks, and then don't have to worry about them falling out. The only disadvantage I've found is it is harder to turn to a specific section in an ebook - BUT if you just hit the little bookmark button, it's easy to find them.

Comment from Christine London -

"Love your visuals. They says it all. When our shelves begin to bow in the middle with the weight of our love of words, thank the literature Gods for the e-reader invention. Now I can carefully pick and choose the books that occupy a place on my physical shelves. Like the films I buy on DVD to watch again and again, a great read earns the right to inhabit the limited physical place in my home.

I just bought a Kindle two weeks ago. My dry, tired eyes have never been so happy when I climb into bed at ten p.m. after a long day on the computer. Crank up the font size, pull out the corner bookcover book light, sink into a cloud of backresting pillows and SMILE! It is the most revolutionary benefit to my reading life in my life. Print and paper dust mites banished, I don't even sneeze anymore when cracking a good read.

#1 recommendation for anyone who loves to read? An e-reader. This summer as I travel about the country and Europe the weight restirctions on the airlines worldwide shall not daunt. I have a six ounce e-reader and the world of books at my fingertips.

Thanks for the great post, Delilah.


  1. Now if I could just persuade my wife to let me buy an e-reader ... but she doesn't think e-books are real books, and is being stubborn about it.

  2. I have a Kindle I rarely see because my husband and teen daughters all love it so. They all learned very quickly how to download books, even though none of them had read digital books before we got it. We now own the complete works of Dickens, at a bargain price! Also teen/ya fiction and some mysteries hubby likes. Good thing I have my trusty pda. One of these days we'll have a couple more kindles or other. ereaders and peace will reign.

    We have a small house and all our shelves are full. Without an ereader we would have no space for all of Dickens!

  3. I wanted an e-reader, and last Christmas my wonderful husband bought me one. Well, he actually bought me an ipad. I certainly don't mean to sound ungrateful, but what I really wanted was a Kindle. The find the ipad heavy and not really easy to hold when I'm in bed trying to read.

    I think e-books will only grow in popularity, so everyone should just jump on the train now.

    Thanks for great post Delilah!

    Lawna Mackie

  4. I love your visuals also - I have a kindle and love carting that thing around. It's loaded. I'm a multi-book reader, so it's easy as pie to click onto the story I'm in the mood to read right now.
    Great job, great article.
    Kay Dee