Tuesday, August 3, 2010

New Contract!

Can't believe I forgot to blog about this!

Over a year ago I started a little piece of erotica fluff ... a Paranormal Investigator and a Ghost. I finally finished it and sent it off to MuseitUp Publishing. It was accepted and has a June release date with their MuseitHot line

MuseitUp Publishing is a new ePublisher BUT the owner Lea Schizas has been around the ePublishing industry as long as I have been publishing. She's smart, savy and has probably forgotten more about marketing a book than I'll ever learn. She's so smart in addition to giving me a contract - my sixth! - she also offered me a job as the cover artist for both houses!

Now since I'm the only CA there, don't worry I love being the only one, I need to put my nose back into Photoshop and knock out a few mockups today. In addition to going and getting new glasses!

I redid my office minus the UFHT (Ugly ____ Hot Tub) that took up 2/3 of the room. I'll post pictures once it's all set up and the moving mess is cleaned up.


  1. You are a generous, talented, lovely woman. I have already been blessed so far to have not one, not two, not three, OMG, FOUR Delilah covers for my books so far and I have four more scheduled for 2011 release still to go...so I feel like I found the leprechaun, but instead of ONE pot of gold, I got the motherlode. I got Lea...exceptionally smart, savvy, and wise, Litsa, her equally wise beyond my imagination Marketing Director, Delilah, whom I have decreed is forever more The Cover Art Goddess, Carrie, a Content Editor who cares, Antonia, a Line Editor and fellow author that I adore, and all the other authors and staff that are part of the home Lea and Litsa are building at Muse Publishing. Love you all.

  2. How could you forget to blog about your own book? Nevermind, I know. We don't usually like to blow our own horns. Muse is a great place to publish. I've definitely found a home here. Lea is a gem, the people are friendly. It's just one big happy family.

  3. Delilah, I've told you many times and now I'll tell you publicly, it's us who are blessed to have you with us. Your cover art has truly struck an accord with many and for this reason you are a major part of this publishing house.

    I have absolutely no worries handing over the art department to you to shape and mold as you see fit because I know that every cover gets 100% of your devotion, and your organizational skills to head other cover artists eventually as we grow will follow the same devotion and enthusiasm.

    Now, why are you blogging and not doing covers?

  4. I love to lurk and see what all you talented people are doing. I mostly write and try to handle my computer.
    (Confession: I play hearts with the computerized players. No wonder I don't win.)
    Lea is wonderful to have so much patience with me.

  5. Delilah,
    I find it strange that we share another publisher, and it wasn't until I came to MIU that I discovered what a great person and friend you are. It's amazing how a change in the attitude of the loop can encourage people to interact and get to know one another. Sort of teamish, don't you think?

  6. Congrats on your contract. Can't wait to see what magic you pull for my cover. It's getting close now and I can feel the strings pulling.

  7. Delilah, Congratulations on your contract. You deserve all good things. All your covers are wonderful, like Lin says you are the Cover Goddess!


  8. Delilah, you knock out a couple of mockups a day?! Wow...

    Congrats again!


  9. Ginger - yes I've loved getting to know you at Muse. Your pretty fantastic yourself.

    S. Durham - yup I try to keep to a schedule of at least one mockup a day and 1 cover everyother day on average.

    Lea - I had to go get new glasses! Have to see the screen ya know.

    Lin I'm still having trouble with the Cover Goddess thing. I'm still learning!