Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Heroine Hair Color

Okay strange topic to talk about today but it was on my mind.

When I started reading romances almost all the heroines had blonde hair. The bad girls seemed to have dark hair or red hair. Now the tide has turned. The dark haired and red headed girls seem to be the heroines and the blondes are the bad girls.

What brought this about? Is it because of the actresses of today? Think back. In the past the past blondes like Marilyn Monroe were the ones that filled the silver screen. Today we have Angelina Jolie, Megan Fox and Julia Roberts fill the seats at the movie theater.

But what about those of us with mousy brown hair? Are we forever relegated to being the best friend?

What do you think?


  1. If you are BEST FRIEND quality then boy do the heroes of the world need to start drooling over the "best friend". I was a blonde and am now really glad to be totally white/silver, with a smidge of gray(shhh about the gray, okay...luckily that's in the back and in the underneath layers)..it is so relaxing not to have to worry about Lady Clairol for my head of shiing glory...And Delilah I love you as you are...a gorgeous lady with the heart of a creator of rare beauty...who's also pretty damned stunning where it counts most.

  2. The mousy brown haired girls are the ones who are there when the ebony-haired beauty ditches the hero for Mr Wealthy. She dries his tears gives him a shoulder to cry on and he suddenly realises this is the woman of his dreams after all.

    And the glossy haired beauty? Oh she divorces Mr Wealthy after three years, takes half his money and spends the rest of her life in designer clothes and shiny new cars looking for the hero she ditched for all the wrong reasons

  3. Mousy is in the eye of the beholder and I think most of us are never happy about ourselves, be it our idea of mousy brown hair (which to a man might be the gorgeous sable described in the novel) or the too fat hips (which he views as voluptuous), but it's nice to know that dark haired beauties can be Hns too! :o)