Monday, July 5, 2010

Release Day!

Sometimes when you write books come quickly the words flowing and before you know it you are typing "The End". But, there are others books that along the way teach you things, that crawl into your heart and you are fearful of others rejecting them - publishers, reviewers, and most importantly readers.

The Envoy was that book for me. Started in 2006 I finished it in November of 2009. My wonderful editor at Lyrical Press, Pam Tyner, loved it and it was quickly contracted. Then there was the editing process and today it is out there for others to read. And the same old fear is stalking me today. What if people don't like my baby?

The Envoy is my first and to date only attempt at writing my favorite genre - Vampire Romance. Diana is so closely based on my past jobs it's not funny. It's set in my hometown - which did make getting photo references easy.

If you pick it up, please let me know your opinion -- even if it's negative.

And as a friend reminded me I forgot to add a link!


  1. You worry too much! A link to it would be a good thing though. So post one! :op

  2. Oops -

    And yes I do worry too much.

  3. You're a good writer! No one's going to like every book out there. That's why we have so many to pick from. But you need to stop worrying and relax. :D And let me interview you for my site one of these days :D

  4. Let me know when and where and send the questions.

  5. Bloody stupid spammers! How can someone stoop so low as to just sit there all day long and post crap like this? Pathetic

  6. You need comment moderation turned on. This is just sad...not you! all the crap people have nothing better to do than post about.