Monday, August 23, 2010

Cell phone or iPod Touch Wars

Now this really doesn't sound like something for a writer's blog - but it is my blog, so I guess I can write about anything I want. :)

I want to replace my old cell phone. I've determined what I need and what I want and what I can truthfully live without. #1 on my list is internet - good internet. But then I looked at it again and my old phone isn't that bad... SO I've got a couple options.

1. I can get an iP0d Touch - 32GB of music, video, audiobooks AND has wi-fi capability.

2. I can upgrade my cell phone and get a Samsung Vibrant - more on the monthly bill but not that much more, since I already pay for internet on the phone I have.

The initial outlay doesn't bother me as they are pretty close to the same price (after I take advantage of a special on one and great pricing on the other) what has me debating is - increased monthly bill. Internet is a must. With being epublished and other work online, I need the internet.

The iPod Touch has the advantage of no extra monthly outlay - BUT I don't always take my iPod with me. I do take my phone.

The Vibrant has the advantage of it would go everywhere with me, have Kindle on it and okay so Avatar is on it too (BTW I like the movie) - BUT has the disadvantage of that monthly bill increase.

So help an author out. Which do you think I should get.

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  1. Well, I have an HTC EVO Android. I switched from a Windows based mobile phone. I pay $79 a month for unlimited everything. (I would pay $69, but with the 4G capabilities of the EVO, it's an extra $10 for the upgrade on the data plan)

    I wouldn't trade my EVO for anything now. It's my phone, internet, eBook reader, media/movie/podcast/radio/everything but the kitchen sink phone and it's awesome.

    Amazon Mp3
    Dolphin browser (the best!)
    doubletwist media player
    Skribd Like
    Swype (and if get the Android and do nothing else, this is THE app to have!)

    and several other game/enhancement/tool type apps.

    DD1 looked into an iPhone at one time. She has an iTouch (the 32G one) and decided for $130 a month, it wasn't worth the switch.