Saturday, November 21, 2009

Unexpected Hazards

Someone should have warned me when I started writing. Oh I knew it was a lonely business hours in front of a computer, alone typing out the movie in my head. But, nothing prepared me for the unique hazards of the job. Oh, I knew all about the possibility of tendinitis or carpal tunnel syndrome. It was the other things no one mentioned that I should have been warned about.

1) Migraine headaches - They seem to be a common malady of writers. I've figured out why. All these characters are screaming for your attention. Wanting their story told. It can be quite annoying really. My only fear is that one day my husband will force me into psychiatric counseling for them.

2) The muse will send cravings for all types of food. I have had folks smile at me knowingly when I'm in the checkout line. Guess they think I'm pregnant. I guess in a way I am - writing a book, for me, takes about the same length of time.

3) The other night I wanted to scream = "I'm going to kill you, Character Name." I stopped myself in time - the neighbors might have called the police. That could have caused a serious delay in my writing.

4) The other day hubby was looking at the credit card bills and hit the roof! I had to try and explain it's just for the essentials. You know, research materials, promotional materials and music. That every writer needs at least three Thesauruses, a couple of dictionaries, the entire Howdunit series and the entire series of Writer's Guide to Everyday Life, right?

5) Course he does like most of one series of research books. Those for writing erotica. His favorite is Going Down. He's not too sure of The Mistress Manual, or The Loving Dominate.

6) Hubby and I almost had to go to Marriage Counseling. He just couldn't understand why I kept getting furious when he interrupted me while writing.

So if you are thinking about becoming a writer - consider yourself warned of the unexpected hazards.

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