Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day After Release

A pounding on the door awakened me. Followed by the commanding voice of Jett Houston.

Jett: Del! Get your lazy butt to your computer. You ain't going to believe this - crap.

Me: I'm up. I'm up. What has your boxers in a twist?

Jett: Pirates! Nasty little ebook pirates.

Me: Yeah, they are a pest but why do you care?

Jett: Because, they are pirating ME! And Blue Boy. And the Prick.


Jett: Yeah. So what are you going to do about it.

After a google search I locate the site - ahh them.

Me: Well what I'm going to do is send the information to Tir and Lyrical since my name isn't listed.

Jett: (Huffing he leans against a wall in the office) It just pisses me off. You can't afford to have your work given away like that. You struggle every month and don't complain. Don't like someone thinking they can take the money out of your budget.

Me: Thanks Jett. And yeah it's tight living off disability and the little I get for the books. But these folks seem to be under the impression I make big bucks and them getting it free won't hurt because the economy is bad.

Jett: You know where that door to your reality is? I'll come kick their asses for you - bring the others with me even Eddie. That should scare the shit out of them.

Me: Jett what have I told you about cussing on my blog?

But he's gone obviously to find the doorway to this reality. Wonder if he'll find it?


  1. You go Jett! I'm certain the others are up for some butt kicking

  2. It just amazes me, this sense of entitlement people have. They take because they feel they should be allowed to with no repercussions and who cares because they don't know the author personally so aren't harming anyone with their stealing. And that's what it is. Stealing. Plain and simple. No matter how often they visit different blogs and try to justify to others what they're doing.