Sunday, November 8, 2009

Release Day +6

Black Velvet released this past Monday the 2nd. Thanks to everyone who has bought it. Because of you it is currently at #7 on the Fantasy Best Sellers and #8 on the Paranormal Best Sellers lists at Once Upon A Bookstore It also has the distinction of being my first pirated book. Folks, I don't get the big advances and only make a few cents on the dollar for each book. So please, buy it don't steal it.

I'm doing NaNo. This years story is a murder mystery and a paranormal romance. It's coming along great and I'm hoping I don't lose interest in it because it's really a good story.

I've also applied for a Copy Editor position and I'm hoping that I get it. Waiting on that and word on my last submission.

Also working on a project that is driving me crazy organizing - but that's half the fun! That's the news for the week. Talk to you next week.

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  1. Congrats on being a bestseller! Good luck with the copy editor position and your latest submission. I'm waiting on a few anthology submissions right now and it's driving me crazy!