Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas Musings

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope everyone enjoyed thier Turkey and all the fixings. I still don't know why we feel we must have what is basically enough food for a small army on one Thursday a year. But I enjoy the food so really don't complain about it too much.

No, the holiday I have a real problem with is Christmas. I know. I know. I've heard it for years. I'm horrible for not liking Christmas. BUT let me explain why I dislike it.

First there's the fact I worked retail for twelve years and experienced the nastiest of people every one of those twelve years. I can honestly say that in that dozen years I had at least one person scream at me - and usually on the 24th of December - "You're ruining my Christmas." This includes people who spend next to nothing on a gift then when they have it engraved (worked at an engraving shop) the cheap silver plating peeled. Offered this person full credit for what they had spent but NO for thier $12.00 gift they wanted a $40.00 one FREE. Oh I did it but I have never forgotten or forgiven the woman who once she got her way was all "I'm sorry" didn't believe her then and still don't.

Second is the fact that being in retail I realize the absolute commercialism of the holiday. It's not about being with people you care for or showing them you care for them and oh here's something that I know you wanted. No, all the retail businesses have convinced not just the U.S. but the world that during the month of December we must buy a gift for everyone we know to show them we care. We should put ourselves in debt to buy these gifts. Why? What if I know a friend is down or I just want to give them a gift and I have the money to buy it? Should I buy it and set it aside for December? I'd rather give a gift just cause. And personally I prefer gifts that come out of the blue for no other reason than someone wanted to do something nice with no expectation of a gift in return.

Now a little about Black Friday sales... Do your homework! It's a little late now but you should have spent September and October pricing the items you want to gift. THEN look closely at those Black Friday ads - are they REALLY a bargin? (Some retail stores bump up the retail price in November so that sale price actually looks better) If you have an iPhone, iPad or Android I seriously recommend downloading the Shop Savvy ap - you will be able to find the best price. It's like I'm a tech person. I love my computers, smart phone, iPod, memory sticks, portable drives... heck hubby knows if he wants to make me happiest not to buy me jewelry buy me tech stuff or take me to the bookstore. So I know tech prices - WELL. Trust me there is nothing tech related that has a decent deal on it this holiday. Oh there are a couple of eReaders but it's more a test by the manufacturers to see how they will sell at that price point. But definitely if you want a Nook or a Sony eReader... $99.00 tomorrow. (Nook at Best Buy and Sony at Wal Mart)

Oh one more retail tip - Best deals are the week before Christmas.

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  1. The great thing about being Canadian is that there is no Black Friday :)

    We have Boxing Day. But, people stand in line patiently at 4am in -30C weather. No one is trampled to death and the worst thing that happens is someone forgets to apologize when they are bumped into :D