Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Welcome Betty Ann Harris

First, let me say that it's a pleasure to be here as a featured author on your beautiful blog, Delilah. I'd like to introduce myself to your readers. My name is Betty Ann Harris and I'm a romance author. I've always been a hopeless romantic and the genre I enjoy most to read is the same as what I write, romantic suspense. I have written a series of books titled The Special Agent Series, with Red Rose Publishing.

My third release in the Special Agent Series, The Darkhorse Conspiracy, which was released on July 9th, at Red Rose Publishing, will introduce you to the sexiest special agent to date. James Kelly is charming, witty, and very good at his job. But he’s got his hands full with the Stephanie Alexander case.

Stephanie Alexander is an international journalist who is missing, and under suspicious circumstances. The beautiful blue-eyed blond and ex-fiance of Simon Fox, owner of The Darkhorse Stables, who raises Kentucky Derby winning thoroughbreds, has vanished. James must find her, if she’s still alive, and finds himself smack-dab in the middle of a terroristic conspiracy that is a threat to the security of the entire eastern seaboard of the United States. Will he find her in time? Can they work together to find the answers they need so that the State Department can defray The Darkhorse Conspiracy? You can find out all the answers to these questions when you read, The Darkhorse Conspiracy, available NOW at Red Rose Publishing (

Before James Kelly and The Darkhorse Conspiracy came about, there were two other sexy agents and great books in this series. First came the spellbinding romantic suspense story, Eureka Point, and the most romantic and caring agent, Tom Owens, who is assigned to protect a breathtakingly beautiful and talented woman, Katie, who is being hunted by her jealous and deceitful husband, as well as by a dangerous South American drug cartel. Next was the deeply dark and twisted story of best-selling romance author Maggie Tyler who is being stalked. My Very Special Agent has the sexy and ruggedly handsome FBI Special Agent Michael O'Leary on the case, who has eyes for the beautiful author, but whose first priority is to keep her safe. There is a definite sensual and emotional chemistry between them and the reader desperately wants them to get together! All the books in this series are available at Red Rose Publishing,

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  1. These men sound like absolute real heros. Very yummy. Can i have one, pretty please.
    Great stories Betty Ann


  2. I love this series. Creativly written with bold characters. I can't wait to get my hands on this one.
    Raven Starr