Saturday, February 25, 2012

Movie Review - Act of Valor

Now I normally talk about romances or covers but I want to talk about this movie. See I saw the 4:20 in the afternoon show and just now has my mind cleared enough to talk about it.

Criticism first - the script pulling together the fighting segments is weak, the Navy SEALS themselves are not actors - and it shows.

Praise - This ain't your usual Hollywood Alpha male bang-bang-shoot-em-up. There are things these SEALS do that I've never seen an actor pull off. It's TRUE - as in the spirit of the SEALS themselves are true.

Commentary -

Yeah, the dialogue is flat even when they are "joking around" but what the SEALS bring to this movie is something I've never seen an actor pull off. See, my hubby is a combat veteran and disabled so some of what I'll mention next I've seen in him. Nope he wasn't a SEAL or Special Forces but I've met some of those guys, so trust me on this. There is one scene as the team is extracting from a rescue and the camera shows each member of the teams face - those thousand yard stares? SPOT ON! Spec Forces guys are also not warm and cuddly guys. They are guarded and that comes across. The separation of Officers and Enlisted - yup got that right too. The action scenes are tense, and in a strange way inspiring. They are inspiring because these guys actually go out and do this stuff for REAL - they put their lives on the line and get injured and die.

One of my favorite scenes was when one of the SEALS left to go "down range" - his wife smiled, hugged him, scolded a tad then turned went into the house and cried with her hand over her mouth. Been there more times than I care to remember.

Hubby used to be in the Air Force Reserve and work as a Load Master - he flew with SEALS - taking them to drop off points. His comment - that's them. Tight. Focused. Have their shit together.

So if you want to see a movie that isn't Hollywood escapist BS - yeah go see this one. But bring tissues - you'll need them at the end. Not cause of the movie itself - but the way it touches your heart knowing these men are out there fighting for you.

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  1. I'm over at Kay Dee's blog today with an interview and giveaway, and saw this blog posted on her sidebar. Just had to comment.

    Thank you husband for his service on today, the most important in our country's history. Being a relative of SEALs, I can tell you that yes, this movie is very accurate in its portrayal. It was started as a documentary, going to be used for training and recruitment. But they soon realized they could pull together a full length feature, and they did. I suspect that's why it feels that way.

    These are special men, and so are their families. You always hope you won't get that visit or that call...happens every time they deploy. But, knowing your loved one is going off with other men who would die for each other makes it a little better. Not much, but a little.

    I'm promoting my new series SEAL Brotherhood. I'd love for you to stop by.