Tuesday, November 8, 2011

School Work!

So when I'm not being a Cover Artist - I'm a student - this is a piece I'm working on for Conceptual Drawing. This is done completely in 2B Mechanical Pencil.

First the big picture:

What I've been doing tonight is putting in the leaves and grass details - I zoomed in to show you. Grass is made of thousands of tiny little tick marks - the closer together the darker the shadow.

And finally a distance shot.


  1. That's awesomely beautiful! Even for being the beginnings of the bigger picture. I wish I could my daughter to stick with her art.

  2. Alix you said stick...and I can actually not even draw a straight line...with a ruler, but sometimes I can pretend to make a stick figure or two.

    I am in awe of Delilah's talent. I am also the blessed recipient of TEN covers by Delilah and each one is a work of amazingly powerful art.

    This WIP has me wide-eyed and gap jawed. Well Done Dear Dee.