Thursday, August 27, 2009

First Love

First Love Contest

My first true love started one day while I was at work. I walked out of the store room and there he stood, wearing a brown sweater, khaki pants and boat shoes. Blonde hair cut military short and beautiful blue eyes and a nice tight ass. Then I noticed who he was talking to, unfortunately I thought that the guy he was talking to was a class A jerk. I had completely forgotten what I’d come out for and had to go back into the store room.

A few weeks later the blonde guy started talking to me and we became friends. Then one night he invited me to dinner. I didn’t know him that well, so made some excuse why I couldn’t. I admit it was a lame excuse. He said “What is it about women? I just don’t want to eat alone and would like company.” With an invitation like that, what girl could refuse? So we went to McDonalds and talked and talked and talked. Mostly about this girl he was interested in “Patty” and how he should go about getting her interested in him. I gave him great advice. Really great advice.

It wasn’t until we’d been married two years and I met his family face to face for the first time that I realized how sneaky he was. It was when I met his sister Patty that everything clicked. And after 21 years together – I’m still glad he was sneaky.

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